How you can Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

If you’re a reader, books are certain to take you to magical imaginary locations. However

If you’re a reader, books are certain to take you to magical imaginary locations. However should you discover books on the earth of Minecraft, they will actually give your character magical powers. And that’s doable with the assistance of bookshelves. If you understand how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft, you’ll be able to unlock a few of the finest Minecraft enchantments. Furthermore, it additionally doubles as an incredible ornament merchandise to your finest Minecraft home builds. When you uncover the bookshelf block, it may well change the way you play the sport. With that mentioned, it’s time to discover ways to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft (2022)

The bookshelf works the identical approach on Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions. Use the desk under to discover totally different elements of its creation course of:

What’s a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Opposite to common perception, a bookshelf in Minecraft isn’t a storage block for storing books. As an alternative, it’s primarily a ornamental block that gamers use to embellish their home in Minecraft. Aside from being an ornamental block, a bookshelf additionally has the flexibility to reinforce the facility of a fascinating desk.

How you can Discover a Bookshelf in Minecraft

In your Minecraft world, you could find naturally-generated bookshelves within the following spots:

  • Village libraries and typically additionally in village homes
  • Inside strongholds whose libraries can have as much as 161 bookshelves
  • Inside some rooms of woodland mansions

Get Bookshelf by Buying and selling

Novice-level librarian villagers can promote you bookshelves in change for emeralds. However as a result of straightforward crafting recipe for bookshelves, such a commerce is rarely price it.

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What’s the Use of a Bookshelf in Minecraft

You need to use the bookshelf for quite a lot of functions in Minecraft. A few of the most typical ones are:


On the planet of Minecraft, books and enchantments go hand in hand. It’s fairly clear with the presence of enchanted books in Minecraft. If you understand how to make a fascinating desk in Minecraft, you’ll be able to place bookshelves round it to enhance the standard of enchantments that the desk gives. You want a complete of 15 bookshelves to make the enchanting desk attain its highest potential.


Bookshelf acts as a crafting ingredient to make a lectern in Minecraft. It’s a job block within the recreation that you should utilize to create librarian villagers in Minecraft.


Regardless that you’ll be able to’t choose or place books on the bookshelf, the block nonetheless fulfills its aesthetic function. You’ll be able to simply use these to create libraries inside your Minecraft base.

Objects Required to Make a Bookshelf

With its utilization out of the best way, listed below are the objects you’ll want to make a bookshelf:

  • 6 picket planks (any)
  • 3 books

To make picket planks, you merely want to position wooden logs contained in the crafting space. In the meantime, you’ll want to mix 3 items of paper with a piece of leather-based within the crafting space to craft a ebook in Minecraft. The crafting recipe for the ebook is shapeless, so you’ll be able to place the objects anyplace within the crafting space.

Crafting Recipe for Minecraft Bookshelf

Crafting Recipe Bookshelf

The crafting recipe for the bookshelf is straightforward as properly. You have to fill each cell of the primary and final row of a crafting desk with picket planks. They don’t even should be of the identical sort of wooden. Then you’ll want to place books within the center row to finish the recipe.

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Simply Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft Proper Now

With that, you understand all there’s to learn about easy methods to make a bookshelf in Minecraft. As soon as it’s prepared, you should utilize the bookshelf to enchant your total gear within the recreation. You can too use our Minecraft enchantments information to make the method simpler. And when you are at it, don’t neglect to take a look at the perfect Minecraft potions. Just like the enchantments, the potions assist you get particular skills within the recreation. You’ll be able to even use them to take over the leaderboards of a few of the finest Minecraft PvP servers. With that out of the gate, what are you planning to make use of your bookshelf for? Inform us within the feedback part!