How one can Defeat Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Your nightmares are coming true! The scary Warden is now part of Minecraft. You will

Your nightmares are coming true! The scary Warden is now part of Minecraft. You will get the deep darkish biome in your sport utilizing our linked information to fulfill this mob boss. However are you prepared? For those who didn’t already know, the Warden can kill gamers with solely two hits, even you probably have the perfect armor within the sport. Additionally, it limits your imaginative and prescient to a slim space, so that you may not even see it coming. If all of that doesn’t sound scary sufficient, the highly effective Sonic shriek of Warden is bound to scare you. Minecraft is now a horror sport. However fear not. After hours of respawning, we have now compiled the perfect methods to defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. From the perfect Minecraft enchantments to among the smartest ways, we have now coated all of it. So, with out additional ado, let’s discover ways to defeat the Warden and survive in deep darkish caves in Minecraft.

Greatest Strategies to Kill Warden in Minecraft (Up to date April 2022)

We’ll start by doing an in-depth evaluation of the Warden. Then, we’ll go over every distinctive methodology to defeat this boss mob. However you may straight skip to the strategies from the desk beneath. Nonetheless, we gained’t recommend you struggle the entity you don’t know every thing about simply but. So learn this information totally.

Be aware: Our information concerning the Warden is predicated on the most recent Minecraft Snapshot 22W15A. Its habits and options are topic to vary within the official launch.

The place to Discover Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Earlier than we plan to defeat Warden, we have to know the place to search out it. As per the developer, a Warden can solely spawn throughout the deep darkish biome. That too, solely in and across the historical metropolis construction. Much like the Ender Dragon, you may’t get it anyplace else within the survival world. If you wish to discover the deep darkish naturally, you must search beneath Y=-35 block peak. That’s the place we normally discovered the deep darkish biome in our assessments.

However if you wish to skip to the great half, you need to use cheats. Utilizing the command “/locatebiome minecraft:deep_dark” in your chat gives you the coordinates to the deep darkish biome. You’ll be able to then teleport in Minecraft to simply attain the Warden’s residence biome. Having stated that, it’s time to discover ways to defeat the Warden in Minecraft to outlive within the deep darkish biome.

Assaults and Skills of a Warden

The highway to defeating an enemy begins by studying about them. So, let’s go over Warden’s primary talents after which perceive its assaults.

  • Warden is blind, so it has to depend upon vibrations and scent to search out your location.
  • It may possibly detect you thru blocks.
  • Even when you by some means escape it, the Warden can sniff you from a 20 blocks distance.
  • It may possibly climb on single blocks like different mobs, however it may’t break them.
  • As a result of a low tolerance stage, even the smallest of vibrations can annoy the Warden. As soon as it will get aggravated, it doesn’t care in case you are a child mob or a boss, and it’ll assault.

Darkness Impact

As quickly as a sculk sensor detects your presence, the darkness impact will get utilized to you. It limits your visibility to just a few blocks surrounding you. You’ll be able to attempt utilizing the Potion of Evening Imaginative and prescient in Minecraft to counter it, however its results don’t develop over 6-7 blocks proper subsequent to you. Equally, gentle sources like torches aren’t any good both.

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Fight Assault

The favourite approach for the Warden to kill you is with its naked arms. Even in case you are sporting a full set of Netherite armor, the Warden can kill you in simply two hits. Nonetheless, in case your armor is weaker than that, you may need to respawn even after taking a single hit.

Sonic Shriek 

If shut fight doesn’t work or if the Warden can’t attain you, it makes use of sonic shriek as a final resort. The Warden’s chest opens as much as launch a long-range sonic shriek assault. It doesn’t solely causes the similar quantity of fight harm but in addition can knock you off locations from over 5 blocks of distance.

Apparently, this assault passes by blocks, together with even the bedrock and liquid blocks. To not neglect, this assault solely targets one mob at a time. So, if there are two gamers subsequent to one another, the sonic shriek will solely kill the participant that the Warden is targetting.

Issues You Have to Defeat the Warden

Now that you understand the place to search out the Warden, it’s time to prepare for the struggle. Other than having sufficient meals and pickaxes, you want the next issues to kill the Warden in Minecraft.


The primary apparent preparation you want is defenses in opposition to the Warden. For that, you must get full netherite armor from head to toe. Upon getting the armor, it’s worthwhile to put among the finest armor enchantments on them. We advise utilizing Safety IV on your whole gadgets. However in case you are fortunate, you can even get Swift Sneak pants enchantment throughout the historical metropolis. It should make it easier to sneak at a quicker tempo.


Most Minecraft gamers are ordinary of taking their swords with them. However we gained’t recommend direct fight with the Warden due to its excessive assault harm. As a substitute, persist with a trident or a bow to defeat Warden in Minecraft. Alternatively, you may attempt utilizing among the finest trident enchantments too. However bows are simpler to handle.

Well being

Coping with the Warden means receiving loads of harm within the course of. To counter that, you must carry with you the next gadgets for added well being:

Particular Objects

With armor and weapons prepared, it’s time to organize some particular gadgets to outlive a Warden assault in Minecraft with ease.

  • Snowballs, eggs, or arrows for distracting the Warden by throwing them in random instructions.
  • Potion of Evening Imaginative and prescient to scale back the power of the darkness impact.
  • Torches to keep away from getting misplaced within the deep darkish.
  • Constructing blocks to create distance between you and the Warden.
  • Cobwebs or berry bushes to guard your self in opposition to falling.
  • Ladders (optionally available)

In case you’re questioning, a protect doesn’t work in opposition to a Warden. So, you may skip it.

How one can Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

Assuming that you’ve every thing prepared, let’s enter the deep darkish and defeat the Warden with the next steps:

1. First, as quickly as you enter the traditional metropolis, you must begin sneaking. Then, discover an open space related to the town construction and make a tiny underground base there. You should use a trapdoor connected with a lever and a strain plate for further safety.

make a tiny underground base

2. Subsequent, make some noise to spawn the Warden. Then shortly make a 6-blocks tower subsequent to your underground base opening. A sensible trick could be to place cobwebs on high of the tower, on its facet, and on the underside of the opening. The highest one will cancel out Warden’s sonic shriek’s knockback. In the meantime, the underside ones will help you might have a safer fall. You’ll find different helpful suggestions and methods to keep away from fall harm in Minecraft through the linked information.

make a 6-blocks tower with cobweb

3. As soon as you’re on the high, have a look at the Warden and assault it with arrows. It might be higher to make use of among the finest bow enchantments whereas doing so. We advise utilizing Energy V or Punch II.

Kill Warden with Arrows in Minecraft

4. Warden’s choice for the struggle is fight assault. So, it gained’t use sonic shriek till it has tried to hit you a number of instances by hand. However when it’s lastly able to assault you with sonic shriek, you may both keep on high of the tower and shortly heal. Or you may leap into your base opening, heal your self and make one other opening to return out.

How to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

If you’re skilled with fight, you may repeat the above-mentioned steps to defeat the Warden. With correct abilities, you may even use these steps with out netherite armor. But when conventional fight appears too taxing to kill the Warden, we have now different choices too.

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Use Finish Crystals to Kill Warden

Finish crystals are discovered in the long run dimensions, and so they work to heal the Ender Dragon there. However when damaged, they do an enormous damaging blast. This blast, when multiplied, can kill the Warden.

Now, you may simply craft an finish crystal by combining seven glasses with an eye fixed of ender and a ghast tear on a crafting desk. You want at the very least 8 finish crystals to kill the Warden.

Use End Crystals to Kill Warden

As soon as you’re prepared, it’s worthwhile to place an obsidian block after which put an finish crystal on high of it. When the Warden will get near it, you simply want to interrupt it and place one other crystal. It’s essential repeat this course of 8 instances to kill the Warden. However do make sure that to put on armor with the blast safety enchantment.

Lure Warden Underground

For those who don’t need to struggle a Warden, you may entice it and slowly kill it. To take action, the best route is to create a cobweb entice. Right here, you may create a small pit with cobwebs in it. Then, place trapdoors on high of the cobwebs. As soon as the Warden steps on the trapdoor, use a strain plate or a lever to activate that door. It should open up and entice the Warden.

Trap Warden Underground

When the Warden is deep into the cobweb, you may simply kill it with the perfect sword enchantments. Simply make sure that to run away every time it’s about to make use of the sonic shriek assault. You can even put wool carpet across the space to dampen your vibrations and throw off his intention.

Warden vs Wither

If you wish to take advantage of out of your go to to the deep darkish biome, you must struggle each the Warden and the Wither. They will simply overwhelm you as a participant, however what if we make them struggle one another? You simply must spawn the Wither throughout the historical metropolis and conceal earlier than it notices you. Wither’s vibrations will make the Warden spawn, and each of them will instantly go after one another.

Warden vs Wither

As a result of closed area, Warden goes to win more often than not. However no matter the outcomes of this struggle, the surviving boss goes to be low in well being factors. So, you may simply swoop in and end the survivor to get loot from each mobs with out even doing efforts to struggle one correctly. So, within the struggle between Warden and Wither, the winner is all the time going to be you, the participant.

Iron Golem vs Warden: Who Wins?

If you would like a safer mob to struggle the Warden, you need to use Iron Golems. This mob is hostile in the direction of boss mobs by default, in order quickly because it notices the Warden, it is going to assault the boss mob. However, as you may need guessed, one Iron Golem isn’t sufficient to defeat a Warden.

Warden vs Iron Golems

In our testing, we discovered {that a} single Warden can defeat greater than 8 Iron Golems in one-on-one fight. But when attacked in a gaggle, 6 Iron Golems are sufficient to nook a Warden. Even with such nice outcomes, the sensible issues of respawning Wardens and bringing Iron Golems underground make this resolution powerful to implement in survival gameplay.

How one can Cease Minecraft Warden from Spawning

Now that we all know defeating Warden isn’t an enormous process, it nonetheless is fairly tiring. So, till you discover a motive to kill the Warden, you need to use the next methods to outlive Warden by stopping its spawn.

Forestall Detection from Soul Shrieker

Warden solely spawns within the deep darkish biome’s historical cities, and that too solely when you alert a soul shrieker. It provides a participant 2 possibilities of creating a noise. It’s when the participant makes the third noise or vibration that the Warden spawns on this biome. Now, when you didn’t already know, putting gadgets, breaking blocks, and strolling with out crouching depend as vibrations within the sport.

Soul Shrieker Summoning a Warden

So, so long as you may fastidiously slip by a soul shrieker with out alerting it, you’re virtually secure throughout the historical cities within the deep darkish biome. Although, even whenever you don’t see one, you must keep alert while you’re within the biome. The soul shrieker block can detect you from totally different heights and even by blocks.

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Destroy the Soul Shrieker

As soon as you may slowly slip previous the soul shrieker, use your common pickaxe to destroy it. When you have the silk-touch enchantment, you may even decide up the soul shrieker by mining it. Although, putting it again within the deep darkish biome can summon a Warden.

Let Warden Despawn

If nothing else works, the easiest way to defeat a Warden in Minecraft is to let it despawn. Wardens are delicate to noise and vibrations. So, if the Warden doesn’t detect any exercise for greater than 60 seconds, it mechanically despawns. However they’ll instantly reset the time cycle when you or another mob within the space make an exercise.

How to Defeat Warden in Minecraft

Furthermore, throughout these 60 seconds, the Warden retains attempting to “scent” you and discover your location. So, in case you are not hidden correctly behind different blocks, the Warden would possibly discover you even in case you are stationary.

Warden in Minecraft 1.19: Continuously Requested Questions

Can You Kill Warden with Lava?

Sadly, the Warden is totally proof against all lava harm. It’s proof against all forms of fire-based harm too. It applies to each common fireplace and soul fireplace within the sport. We trapped one in lava for hours, but it surely was solely a heat tub for the Warden. In actual fact, in some instances, Warden even walked and jumped on high of lava.

Does the Warden Drown?

We tried holding one underwater for greater than quarter-hour in our testing. However it simply survived. Technically, Warden does obtain harm when drowned or suffocated, but it surely’s nearly not sufficient to kill it in survival gameplay.

Does TNT Work Towards the Warden?

In our testing, we used a complete of 112 TNT blocks to try to kill a Warden. It did trigger harm and even blasted the Warden into the air. However even that wasn’t sufficient to do important harm to the Warden.

Can Warden Detect You If You Are Invisible?

Warden is the one blind mob in Minecraft. It relies upon upon motion and vibrations to detect entities. So, even when you drink the Potion of Invisibility, the Warden can simply discover you.

How Quick is a Warden in Minecraft?

Usually, the Warden has the identical velocity because the participant’s strolling velocity. However when it will get indignant or detects motion, its velocity will increase exponentially. In easy phrases, you may’t outrun the Warden even with the perfect boots enchantments.

Can You Tame a Warden in Minecraft?

Identical to most hostile mobs within the sport, you may’t tame a Warden. However you may entice it underwater. This won’t defeat the Warden, because it can not drown in water in Minecraft. Placing some fish alongside the Warden can hold it from despawning after 60 seconds.

Who Does the Warden Kill?

Warden has a low mood in opposition to any entity that disturbs its peace. So, whether or not it’s a villager or a rabbit, the Warden will assault and kill them in the event that they transfer.

Simply Defeat Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Whether or not you’re testing your fight abilities or practising for the perfect journey maps, Warden is the right mob to accompany you. And with all the perfect strategies in our information, you may simply kill and defeat the Warden in Minecraft. We predict the builders to enhance the Warden’s talents because the rumored Minecraft 1.19 launch date inches nearer. So, make sure that to bookmark this web page as we’ll replace the information alongside the modifications that have an effect on the Warden.

As for the gamers who should not keen on scary issues in-game, we have now you coated too. You’ll be able to examine our information to know every thing about Allay in Minecraft. It’s one other one of many new mobs coming with the wild replace, however not like Warden, it’s a cute mob that can make it easier to collect gadgets. Allay is pleasant and supportive towards the gamers. With that stated, are you aware any methodology to kill the Warden in Minecraft? Inform us within the feedback!