20 Greatest Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

The Minecraft 1.19 replace is accessible on all fashionable platforms, starting from cell units to

The Minecraft 1.19 replace is accessible on all fashionable platforms, starting from cell units to the newest consoles. And because of in-game Minecraft instructions and third-party Minecraft mods, the customers on nearly all platforms are already taking advantage of the newest replace. Sadly, such highly effective options are usually not totally obtainable to PS and Xbox console customers. However fortunate for you, we’re right here with the record of finest Minecraft 1.19 seeds for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox. You should use these seeds to discover all of the superb options of the wild replace. We have now even talked about coordinates for one of the best places of every seed to ease your exploration. With that stated, it’s time besides up your console and discover the highest Minecraft seeds for PS5 and Xbox in 2022.

Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox (2022)

Our record of seeds goes over quite a lot of distinctive options, starting from glitched constructions to uncommon biomes. The record isn’t ranked, and you may freely discover all of the Minecraft 1.19 seeds utilizing the desk beneath. However, in case you haven’t up to date your sport, try one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for PS4 and Xbox utilizing the linked article.

1. Spawn Subsequent to Jungle Temple

The primary seed on our record can be simply probably the most stunning Minecraft seed for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox. It spawns you on the aspect of a river with a Jungle temple proper throughout you. Not like most temples within the sport, this one is totally uncovered and generated on the aspect of a hill. You’ll be able to enter from its aspect and keep away from nearly all traps earlier than getting the loot.

As soon as you might be carried out looting the temple, the world additionally has varied waterlogged cave openings. One such opening is made up of a small lake on high of a lush cave biome. You’ll be able to enter it and discover the proper place to create a secret cave base on this seed.

  • Seed Code: -8494534497145715813
  • Spawn Biome: Jungle
  • Jungle Temple Coordiantes: 37, 89, 86
  • Lovely Cave Coordinates: -34, 67, 173

2. Seaside Village in Minecraft 1.19

Seaside Village - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The most well-liked seeds in Minecraft often are those that spawn you inside a village. However what’s higher than these seeds are those whose spawn village is in a uncommon ravishing spot. That’s what this seed offers. It spawns you inside a tiny taiga village that sits subsequent to an ocean and is surrounded by a large birch forest.

You will get the essential sorts of villagers right here to get began together with your adventurous journey on this world. After that, it’s as much as you to both construct a Minecraft home on the stunning spot or dig down to gather the number of underwater ores within the space.

  • Seed Code: -2327446050637187273
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga

3. Large Mangrove Swamp Spawn

Huge Mangrove Swamp Spawn

When you haven’t had the possibility to discover the brand new mangrove swamp biome, this seed is ideal for you. It spawns the participant in the midst of an enormous mangrove swamp biome with its iconic options, together with frogs in Minecraft, presenting themselves in all their glory. However do maintain a field of tissues round whilst you load this seed. Lacking the long-lasting fireflies of Minecraft 1.19 is inevitable.

  • Seed Code: 1991159181765928209
  • Spawn Biome: Mangrove Swamp
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4. Survival Island with Portal

Regardless of the model you play the sport on, it’s arduous to disclaim the thrill of survival island seeds. They put you in a tough location with nearly no assets, and like an underdog, it’s important to discover a option to conquer the world. In that context, this Minecraft 1.19 seed goes simple on the PS5 and Xbox gamers.

Survival Island with Portal

You spawn on a tiny island that has a number of bigger islands with sufficient wooden to final you thru your complete sport. However what makes it really particular is the ruined portal proper subsequent to your spawnpoint with simply sufficient obsidian and lava to create a Nether portal very quickly. Survival islands hardly ever double as a Minecraft 1.19 speedrun seed, so this one is unquestionably a tremendous anomaly.

  • Seed Code: -750738028158681627
  • Spawn Biome: Seaside
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 248, 55, 40

5. Too Chilly to Survive

Too Cold to Survive

This seed is a tough one. It appears stunning on the floor but additionally holds the facility to starve you to demise over time. You spawn in a world that solely has chilly biomes for just a few thousand blocks. It signifies that meals is restricted. and sadly, there aren’t many villages to depend on both.

However earlier than you quit fully, proper subsequent to your spawnpoint is a cave opening that results in an uncovered mineshaft. The loot from the mineshaft might help you survive for some time, however good luck with all the things that comes after.

  • Seed Code: -7395339824753414002
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: -54, -43, 690

6. Lovely Plains Seed in Minecraft 1.19

Beautiful Plains

As soon as a standard biome, the leveled plains have now develop into a rarity in Minecraft. And that’s due to the final couple of updates. Fortunately, this seed takes discover of that and spawns us in probably the most stunning plains biomes. It has an enormous open space so that you can construct a complete metropolis. Then, so as to add to the surroundings, this plains space is surrounded by stunning mountains on all sides. When you plan to create among the finest Minecraft customized maps, that is the proper seed to begin with.

  • Seed Code: -303868612685583381
  • Spawn Biome: Plains

7. World of Lara Croft

World of Lara Croft - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

It’s time to shine your parkour and exploration abilities as a result of this seed is nostalgic and brings again a number of recollections. You’ll spawn in an enormous jungle biome with a river flowing by it, and there are a number of hidden caves overlaying the world. Whether or not you make a secret base or simply discover the superb assets, this seed offers you with an expertise like Lara Croft. However don’t overlook to take a look at the luxurious cave opening subsequent to the panda habitat, coordinates for that are talked about beneath.

  • Seed Code: -4298431919489035528
  • Spawn Biome: Jungle
  • Lush Cave with Pandas Coordiantes: -24, 63, 109

8. Discover Warden After Spawning

Ancient City Portal

Are console controllers ok for fight in Minecraft? The one option to discover out is by combating the strongest mob in-game. Yeah, we’re speaking concerning the Warden in Historic metropolis, which awaits you proper beneath the spawnpoint on this seed. However earlier than you load it and begin digging, be certain to gather all of the assets it is advisable defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: -7969402200478764570
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Slopes
  • Historic Metropolis Coordinates: 8, -43, 136

9. Hostile Darkish Spawn in Minecraft

Hostile Dark Spawn

If you wish to check your abilities in Minecraft 1.19, there can’t be a greater seed than this one. It spawns you inside a large darkish forest biome that’s at all times full of hostile mobs. Whether or not it’s daytime or evening, you’re certain to come across harmful mobs right here. And it makes this Minecraft 1.19 seed probably the most harmful seeds for PS4/ PS5 and Xbox.

  • Seed Code: -5691918182093196948
  • Spawn Biome: Darkish Forest
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10. Most Colourful Minecraft Biome Spawn

Most Colourful Biomes Spawn - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The distinctive and various Minecraft biomes are probably the most attention-grabbing side of exploration on this sport and this seed presents us with a complete host of them within the Minecraft 1.19 replace. You’ll meet various wildlife, see uniquely colourful areas, and discover unique mobs in each single biome.

  • Seed Code: 732744407344987287
  • Spawn Biome: Plains

11. Spawn Subsequent to Igloo, Outpost, and Village

Spawn Next to Igloo, Outpost, and Village- Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Igloos in Minecraft on PS5 and Xbox are, normally, arduous to search out, all due to their low spawn fee and easy-to-miss texture. However this Minecraft 1.19 seed spawns you proper subsequent to an Igloo and also you simply need to stroll just a few blocks to enter. Sadly, there isn’t any basement beneath this igloo however the seed makes up for it by spawning a multi-floor snowy village closeby. To not overlook, there’s additionally a Pillager outpost seen from the village that you would be able to discover after you have sufficient assets.

  • Seed Code: 3195354027042940872
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Igloo Coordinates: 66, 114, 243
  • Village Coordinates: 362, 91, 218
  • Outpost Coordinates: 509, 127, 308

12. Unusual Villages in Minecraft 1.19

Not contemplating the biome variants, this Minecraft 1.19 seed for Xbox and PS4/ PS5 offers us two of the rarest villages within the sport. First is a zombie village that spawns near your spawnpoint and is empty in the course of the day and spawns zombie villagers at evening. If you understand how to treatment a zombie villager, you possibly can repopulate it very quickly.

Most Uncommon Villages - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

The second village, somewhat removed from our spawn, has a Pillager outpost in its center. Such an incidence is rare however not unattainable. You’ll be able to even discover Allay in Minecraft by this outpost. However possibly, attempt to save the villagers from the Pillager assault first.

  • Seed Code: -4947778937920992209
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Zombie Village Coordiantes: 25, 94, -194
  • Second Village Coordinates: 165, 93, 334

13. Ship on the Dock Seed

Ship at the Dock - Minecraft 1.19 Seed for PS5 and Xbox

Most gamers know find out how to make a ship in Minecraft, however with regards to ships their data is barely restricted. The sport does assist in offering the bottom by spawning shipwrecks. however most of them are past restore. However you don’t have to maneuver a single block to get a ship in case you load into this Minecraft 1.19 seed in your PS5 or Xbox console. It spawns a whole ship that has all its elements intact on a plains shore. Its situation in addition to the easy-to-access spawn location are uncommon to search out in every other seed.

  • Seed Code: 2457835280032708801
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Ship Coordinates: 118, 69, 258

14. Greatest Lush Collapse Minecraft 1.19

This Minecraft seed offers distinctive presents to PS5 and Xbox gamers proper from the spawn. It places you subsequent to an enormous mangrove swamp biome that later connects to varied jungle biomes. The seamlessness of the forest biomes creates a novel and exquisite panorama. And in case you maintain following these biomes, you’ll find your self in a darkish forest biome with a mansion ready to be looted.

Best Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.19 - Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Then proper behind the mansion is an uncovered lush cave. This cave then results in an enormous underworld world of lush caves with small swimming pools of water, glowing areas, and distinctive terrain. There may be no higher Minecraft seed for creating an underground base than this one.

  • Seed Code: 4426218252028548645
  • Lush Cave Coordinates: 1808 25 -1811

15. Village Ocean Ruins

Village Ocean Ruins

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is easy however uncommon. It spawns a seaside plains village with an ocean ruins construction glitched right into a cow barn. This distinctive construction spawning results in cows roaming contained in the ruins and the precise hostile mobs nowhere to be discovered. If nothing else, this seed does diversify the in any other case very primary plains village in-game. Although, if it doesn’t impress you, there’s one other village close by that generates subsequent to a witch’s hut within the swamp biome.

  • Seed Code: -2783531433858415184
  • Village Coordinates: 175, 68, 99
  • Second Village Coordinates: 184, 64, 794
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16. Jungle Temple in Desert Village

Jungle Temple in Desert Village

There are some issues in Minecraft that simply can’t ever match collectively, and jungle and desert are positively on high of that record. However this Minecraft 1.19 seed for PS5 and Xbox doesn’t appear to care. We spawn in a world that has a desert village with a jungle temple on its edge. The view just isn’t solely weird but additionally complicated. Although, it does make up for a very good foyer space in case you ever make a Minecraft server.

  • Seed Code: -612896967
  • Biomes: Eroded and Wooded Badlands
  • Village with Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: 680, Y: 68, Z: 264

17. Woodland Skyscraper in Minecraft 1.19

Tallest Woodland Mansion

By the requirements of Minecraft, the woodland mansions within the sport are positively an architectural marvel to exist by default. However this seed takes it a step larger, actually. What we get is a mansion that’s taller than most mountains within the sport. Even in case you by some means survive combating its mobs, you continue to need to keep away from fall harm in Minecraft whereas getting out of the mansion to really prevail.

  • Seed Code: 633155865
  • Biomes: Plains
  • Tallest Mansion Coordinates: X: 543, Y: 213, Z: 367

18. All-in-One Minecraft 1.19 Seed

Exposed Dripstone, Allay Near Spawn, and More

If you would like a Minecraft base that has all the brand new options of the 1.19 replace, then this seed is the place your search ends. You merely need to make your option to a Pillager outpost that spawns with an Allay cage subsequent to an enormous uncovered dripstone cave to search out all of the options. Close to this outpost is a mangrove swamps biome loaded with Minecraft frogs.

As for the Warden, you possibly can maintain following the tunnels within the dripstone cave to succeed in the close by Historic metropolis very quickly. And for the essential assets, the village and a ruined portal subsequent to the outpost might help you out.

  • Seed Code: -2363055906115447481
  • Spawn Biome: Desert
  • Outpost Coordinates: -943, 67, 334
  • Mangrove Swamp Coordinates: -1240, 79, 367

19. Three Strongholds Inside 1500 Blocks

3 Strongholds Within 1500 Blocks

Because the title reveals, this seed spawns three full strongholds inside 1500 blocks of your spawn. Normally, discovering even one is a tiring process. However right here, you get three strongholds with their particular person finish portals and chest loot too. Despite the fact that you’ll solely need to activate a single portal, having three of them can unlock numerous automated farming choices.

  • Seed Code: 4364519598890647509
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • First Stronghold Coordinates: 850, -2, -838
  • Second Stronghold Coordinates: 1034, 3, 997
  • Third Stronghold Coordinates: -514, 25, 954

20. Village Caught in Swamp

Stuck in Swamp

Lastly, we’re right here with a seed that provides us a glimpse of what the Minecraft 1.20 replace can convey to the desk. It spawns a village in the midst of the mangrove swamp biome. However as an alternative of being a swamp village, it’s a desert village with a swamp and desert villagers in it. Hopefully, if we examine this village within the subsequent replace, we would discover the lacking swamp village as an alternative.

  • Seed Code: 618942075558609331
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Village Coordinates: 872, 79, 744

Discover the Prime Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for PS5 and Xbox

Whether or not you’re a common Minecraft participant or a newbie, these finest Minecraft 1.19 seeds for PS5 and Xbox could make your journey tremendous simple. However don’t cease at utilizing the seed codes. You should use our information to discover ways to teleport in Minecraft to take advantage of out of the main coordinates and save time in exploring every seed. The tactic roughly includes among the finest Minecraft Bedrock instructions, and you may discover our linked information to study different highly effective instructions. With that stated, do you will have any attention-grabbing Minecraft seeds? Share it with our readers within the feedback beneath!